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The Dandelion Seed’s Big Dream

The Dandelion Seed’s Big Dream
by Joseph Anthony (Author), illustrated by Cris Arbo: 32 pages
Publisher: Dawn Publications (CA)
"Wins the Mom’s Choice Gold Award for 2014"
Consider the dandelion. It lives life fully, flies with beauty, survives storms, endures darkness, never gives up. It is one of nature s greatest success stories. Like dandelions, each of us can make the world a brighter place.
The trick is to bloom right where we are.
Back matter includes information and activities about dandelions and weeds, seed dispersal, and the theme of courage, patience, and perseverance. 
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What's in the Garden?

What's in the Garden?
by Marianne Berkes (Author), illustrated by Cris Arbo: 32 pages
Publisher: Dawn Publications (CA)
Good food doesn't begin on a store shelf with a box. It comes from a garden bursting with life, color, sounds, smells, sunshine, moisture, birds, and bees! Healthy food becomes much more interesting when children know where they come from.
So what s in the garden? Kids will find a variety fruits and vegetables, and a tasty, kid-friendly recipe for each one to start a lifetime of good eating.
A food for thought section presents interesting facts about each fruit and vegetable, and a how does your garden grow? section explains facts about gardening and the parts of plants.
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Champions of the Ocean

Heroes: Champions of the Ocean by Fran Hodgkins (Author), Cris Arbo (Illustrator)
Reading level: Ages 10-14
Paperback: 144 pages
Publisher: Dawn Publications (CA)

Eight curious, passionate young people grew up to change the way we look at Earth's last frontier -- the ocean. William Beebe descended into the inky depths and discovered fish that make light! Jacques Cousteau invented SCUBA gear and brought the sea to the people, via television.
"The Shark Lady," Eugenie Clark, discovered that sharks aren't quite monsters.
Each of the eight made a unique contribution. This is a very personal look at their lives and leadership.
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In the Trees, Honeybees

Trees, Honeybees! by Lori Mortensen (Author), Cris Arbo (Illustrator)
Reading level: Ages 4-8
School Library Binding: 32 pages
Publisher: Dawn Publications (CA)

This inside-the-hive view of a wild colony of honeybees offers close-up views of the queen, the cells, even bee eggs.

The reader is left with admiration for the remarkable lives of honeybees, whether in the hive or in
the field.
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All Around Me, I See

All Around Me, I See
(Sharing Nature with Children Book) by Laya Steinberg (Author), Cris Arbo (Illustrator)
 Reading level: Ages 4-8 Hardcover: 32 pages
Publisher: Dawn Publications (CA)

With eyes wide open to the mysteries of nature, a child on a hike discovers that "a leaf is a boat for a beetle" and that "a nest is a cradle for eggs."
Tired from her long walk, she sleeps-and in her dream she flies like a bird and marvels at the beauty around her.
This planet that is home to so many creatures is magical when seen through the eyes of wonder.
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In a Nutshell

In a Nutshell
(Sharing Nature With Children Book) by Joseph Anthony(Author), Cris Arbo (Illustrator)
Reading level: Ages 3-10
Publisher: Dawn Publications (CA)

Who we are, why we are here, where we come from and where we go.
Every child ponders life's greatest questions. Here, in a nutshell, is a tale about life.
An acorn drops from a great oak and grows. Animals nibble at it, a fire threatens it, but overcoming many challenges it eventually towers high in the forest, observing the changing human scene below.
Eventually its energy passes into many other life forms--even a cherry pie.
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Hardcover (2003)ISBN: 1883220998 . . amazon order link

Also Published in in Chinese and Korean.

The Dandelion Seed

The Dandelion Seed
Written by "Joseph Patrick Anthony. Cris Arbo (Illustrator),
Reading level: Ages 3-10
Publisher: Dawn Publications (CA)

The humble dandelion, by roadside or mountainside, it flowers every month of the year throughout the world, a fitting symbol of life. Its journey is our journey, filled with challenge, wonder, and beauty.
Joseph Anthony's story of mystery and truth, and illustrator Cris Arbo's stunningly detailed illustrations make this book a joy for all.

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Publisher: Econo-Clad Books;

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Awards presented to Cris Arbo for book illustrations:

"Read ME Agriculture" Program
Maine Agriculture In The Classroom - 2017.
The Gelett Burgess Children’s Book Award - 2015.
Purple Dragonfly Book Award, 1st Place - 2015
Green Book Festival, Honorable Mention - 2015
Next Generation Indie Book Award Finalist
(Children’s Non-Fiction and Children’s Picture Book) - 2015
Selected for Bank Street's "Best Children's Books Of The Year” - 2014
Virginia Agriculture In The Classroom - Book Of The Year - 2014
Teacher's Choice Award - 2014
Learning Magazine - Teacher's Choice Award - 2014
The American Horticultural Society and the National Junior Master Gardener Program’s -
- Growing Good Kids - Excellence In Children’s Literature Award - 2014
Moonbeam Children’s Book Award, Gold - Non-Fiction Picture Book - 2013
Gelett Burgess Award (Gardening/Outdoors) - 2013
NABE - Pinnacle Book Achievement Award - children's interest - 2013
Mom's Choice Gold Award - Cooking & Food - 2013
Children's Literary Classics - Gold Award - 2013
Next Generation Indie Book Award - winner- (Childrens Picture Book) - 2013
Purple Dragonfly Book Award - Honorable Mention (Children's Picture Book, Ages 6 & Older) - 2013
Florida Publishers Association -Presidents Award - Finalist (Children's Non-Fiction Category) - 2013
Living Now Book Awards (Gold Award - Children's Non-Fiction) - 2013
Florida Reading Association Children's Book Award Nominee - 2011
Mom's Choice Gold Award - Childrens Picture Book - Animal Kingdom - 2010
Smithsonian Magazine 2010 Notable Books For Children - 2010
Mom's Choice Gold Award - Juvenile Books, Series - 2010
LA's Green Book Festival Honorable Mention (biography) - 2010
New England Book Festival Honorable Mention (non-fiction) -2010
Missouri State Teachers Association Reading Circle Program - 2010
Skipping Stones Honor Award - 2010
CBC/NSTA Science Trade Book - 2010
Florida Reading Association Children's Book Award Nominee - 2010
Disney's iParenting Media Award - 2009
Nashville Book Festival Honorable Mention (non-fiction) - 2009
Disney's Parenting Media Award - 2009
The National Izaak Walton League Book Of The Year Award - 2009
The Moonbeam Children's Book Award, Silver - 2009
Virginia State Reading Association's "Children's Choice" List 2003
Parent Council, LTD "Outstanding Selection" - 2000
Virginia State Reading Association's "Children's Choice" List 2002
Winner of Benjamin Franklin Silver Medal Award for Children's Picture Books - 1998
McGraw/Hill ‘early reader program’ for New York City public schools. - 1998

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