The Dandelion Seed

The Dandelion Seed
Written by "Joseph Patrick Anthony. Cris Arbo (Illustrator)
Reading level: Ages 3-10
Publisher: Dawn Publications (CA)

The humble dandelion, by roadside or mountainside, it flowers every month of the year throughout the world, a fitting symbol of life.
Its journey is our journey, filled with challenge, wonder, and beauty.
Joseph Anthony's story of mystery and truth, and illustrator Cris Arbo's stunningly detailed illustrations make this book a joy for all.

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Publisher: Econo-Clad Books;

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The Dandelion Seed

 - From Scholastic Book Wizard -
"Joseph Anthony's story of mystery & truth and illustrator Cris Arbo's stunningly detailed illustrations make this book a joy for all."

- From Education Clearinghouse -
"What an impressive work I hold in my hand. This book is intended for the age range of 3-10, but even an adult will find it warmly written and easy to embrace as the story unfolds, a bit at a time, page by page... This book has won numerous awards and after reading it, I can see how and why. It is beautifully illustrated and wonderfully written. A true treasure for every child and family to enjoy."

- From NAPRA Review -
"This beautifully illustrated story is profoundly simple and wise."
- East Sound, Washington From Children's Literature

- From Children's Literature -
"Autumn has arrived and there's one last dandelion seed left to be carried away by the wind. The seed tries to resist, but the wind is just too strong. During its adventure in the air, the dandelion seed discovers that the world is made up of many things- some frightening, some beautiful. It takes this discovery for the seed to find out its purpose and where its roots will lie. This is a "spread your wings and fly" story with nature again serving as the great metaphor for life. Fabulous detail-oriented illustrations make this a must have."
- Sheree van Vreede

Winner of Benjamin Franklin Silver Medal Award for Children's Picture Books
McGraw/Hill ‘early reader program’ for New York City public schools.

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