Teacher's Choice Award

Teachers' Evaluation Comments:

How would you recommend using this book in the classroom?
(Read aloud? Independent reading? Whole class teaching unit? Reference material?)

Please explain:

I would recommend using this book as a read aloud or for a whole class teaching unit. The recipes can also be used to create delicious treats for your students. This book could easily be integrated into a unit on fruits/vegetables, gardening, plants and seeds, or nutrition. This book can be used in many different ways in the classroom. It can be read aloud to the whole class during a quiet circle time. It can be placed in the library center for independent reading. It can be used as a basis for a science lesson on fruits and vegetables or things that grow. This was a great book to read during our "Plant" week. I read it aloud to the class
and it was very interactive, the class was very enthusiastic about responding to the clues.

Did you find this book interesting or motivating for students to read? Yes. No.
(For instance is the topic kid-friendly? Are the chapters short for the reluctant or young reader? Does it contain realistic conversation?)

This book was extremely motivating and interesting for my students to read. We have a school garden and the children were THRILLED to participate in the "riddle" format in which the book is written and guess the mystery food. The illustrations are also gorgeous and kept the children interested and engaged. They loved hearing the recipes and we ended up making many of them using the vegetables from our very own garden.

I find this book both interesting and motivating. The rhyming makes it fun and captivating. The answer to the rhyme/riddle is very smartly placed on the following page. Children will love to guess what the answer to the riddle is. The illustrations are bold, bright and eye-catching. The book was very interesting and the class was very engaged in the clues presented by the story. Only a few were too difficult for them, celery and cucumber, but they had fun guessing anyway! They were very interested in the recipes that the book includes and I think it would be fun to try a couple of the easier ones for a snack!

What kinds of curriculum skills could you teach using its content? (Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Science, Character Education) Please be specific in your suggestions

This book could be used for a variety of teaching opportunities. The recipes are great for math (measuring, number recognition, and science - cooking and chemical changes, etc. It is also a great complement to any unit involving plants and seeds. The book includes a glossary with fun facts which incorporates both science and language arts. The back of the book also contains a section on how plants grow and what they need which is perfect for a study of plant life cycles. This book can be used to teach many different curriculum skills. It can be used in Language Arts to introduce and teach new vocabulary, as well as rhyming words. It can be used in Science to teach about plants, what grows in a garden, fruit and vegetables. The recipes from the book can be used. This will incorporate measuring for math skills and cooking! Language Arts (poetry, rhyming, using clues to continue the story), Science (plants and where/how they grow), even cooking!

If funds were available, would you recommend this product to a teacher at the appropriate grade / age level? Please explain why or why not.

I would definitely recommend this book to a teacher in grades Pre-K through 2nd grade. The rhyming/riddle format is irresistible to children and the science information is unparalleled. It is a "whole package" type of book. It is filled with information and activities while providing a fun reading experience. I would definitely recommend this book to other teachers. It can be used in so many different ways and to teach a variety of curriculum skills. I really like the extra information and teaching ideas that are included at the back of the book I think that this book is a definite winner. I would recommend this book to a teacher for ages 3-8,the story is fun and a great way to get the class to participate in the story! But I think the recipes would make it a great book to have at home rather than in a classroom.